Thursday, 16 March 2017

Crystal Palace Park and Farm

As part of our topic 'All Creatures Great and Small', we went to visit animals in a farm, we had so much fun. We have been learning about ordinal numbers, here is a recount of what happened on our trip:

"First we walked out of School and walked past Creams and got the bus"

"Second we got to play in the park where there was a curly whirly slide, and I played in the dinosaur eggs"

"Then we ate lunch, and I had tuna sandwich"

"We fed the ducks bread we never eat!"

"We walked past the dinosaurs swimming in the water"

 "We saw the goat and he has horns and a beard and the pig didn't want to see us so the lady gots a banana and then he came to see us"

"Last we got the 3 bus back to school"

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