Wednesday, 1 February 2017

3D Shape Detectives

This term we have learning about the names and properties of 3D shapes. We searched for 3D shapes in the environment, take a look at what we found:

1. "I found a cube, its a bead, it got squares all on it".
2. "This chalk is a cylinder, it has 2 circles at the end".
3. "I found a Pyramid".
4. "I found a sphere, it's gigantic like a ball".

Can you find any 3D shapes around you?

1 comment:

  1. A ball is a sphere because it's round like a circle but 3D.
    A cupboard is a cuboid because it's like a cube but wider.
    A light bulb is a cylinder because it's like a circle but longer.
    A book is a cube because its's a square but the pages make it a 3D shape.
    An ice-cream cone is a cone because it has a pointy ending.