Thursday, 26 January 2017

Chocolate Button Experiment

Today we listened to a poem called 'Chocolate', written by Michael Rosen. We each held a chocolate button in the palm of our hand, read below to find out what happened next...

Faisal talks about what happened whilst listening to the poem:
"We got chocolate in our hands and we had to squeeze it. The chocolate had all melted in our hands. It was all sticky. We got to lick our hands and eat the chocolate. It melted like a snowman. Our hands are warm."

Here are some of the other things we said whilst talking about what happened during the experiment:

Davinna: "It's messy chocolate, it's not chocolate any more, it's like chocolate milk".

Bruna: "It was dry but then it was all sticky"

Kha'Mari "It was hard and then it went soft"

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